At we aim to offer a service which compliments or indeed adds value to the work done by solicitors when they are handling clients who are set to experience their first time in one of Her Majesty’s prisons.

As court practitioners and legal advisors it may be fair to say that your focus is on what happens with a client prior to going to prison, the extensive preparation for court and the management of all of the legal requirements when preparing a case for court.

That is not designed to be a criticism more a reality based on personal experience of those who have been through this process. We believe we are in a unique position to help with that, after court, facet of client support.

One to One Meetings

By offering the facility to meet with your clients on a one to one basis we can help make the transition from everyday life, where they are in control of all aspects of their life, to the reality of prison life where control is to a large degree lost from the minute they are sentenced. From discussing simple things like the arrival process or how to make telephone calls to the wider environment we believe contact with someone who has been through the experience can be of great value to their mindset.


We are also able to offer the facility to host small group seminars for solicitors and legal representatives where we can give delegates a clearer understanding of what the experience of going to prison for the first time is truly like and also give them greater insight into how they can add value to their existing service to clients and indeed their clients families facing that ordeal.


As part of our seminars or as a stand-alone service we offer the opportunity of a straightforward question and answer forum where your staff get to ask the questions that they feel are important to know the answers to in relation to prison life, all with a view to making their clients experience a little less daunting.

As someone smarter than ourselves once said, “You can’t truly understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” And whilst we can’t transport you there, we hope to offer a greater level of insight.

Interest in all or any of our services can be directed in the first instance to [email protected] or alternatively via our Contact Form. We will respond to your enquiry promptly.

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