For those unfortunate enough to find themselves facing a prison sentence for the first time we offer the opportunity to sit down with someone who has experienced the very same thing. It’s important to know that the feelings of fear, confusion and helplessness you are experiencing are entirely normal.

It’s our experience that people working within the system, from solicitors to prison staff, are more used to dealing with repeat offenders and the management of emotion or fear of the unknown is not receiving the level of focus it could be.

From what actually happens when you are found guilty and taken downstairs in court to be transferred to prison to what happens when you arrive at prison. From those first moments after arrival on your prison wing to offering insight on visits, food and telephone calls. From how to prepare prior to going to court to building your own community within prison to help you manage your experience all of these and many more questions/insights can be discussed in these one-to-one sessions.

This service is simply about making the experience of going to prison for the first time a little less traumatic not only for the individual but also their families and in doing that hopefully providing a positive platform for you to deal with the challenge.

“When I arrived in prison that first day I was taken to a cell and my door locked, the initial feeling of desolation was entirely overwhelming. A little while later my door was unlocked but not opened which was a signal that I should go for dinner but as everything was new I missed the signal and missed dinner.”

Family Meetings

As well as the person being sent to prison, there is a great burden on family members when a loved one is sent is taken away from home for any period of time. Families can be a great source of support through visits, letters and telephone calls but it can also be worthwhile for the family to know more about their loved ones environment and also what they can do to keep their spirits up, especially in those early days.

It is also important for family members to know what their own experience of visiting their loved one in prison entails from their perspective. Visiting prison, in itself, can be daunting and having an idea of what to expect can offer some reassurance.

You can arrange a meeting or consultation simply sending a request via our Contact Form and we will respond to your enquiry promptly.

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