FirstTimeInside Testimonials & Recommendations

As a young company we hope to populate this area fairly quickly and recognise that only by offering a quality service and genuinely supportive service will we achieve that. These early comments are very much appreciated :

Aamer Anwar

criminal defence solicitor and human rights campaigner

Solicitor of the Year 2018,

Whilst the criminal justice system from police questioning, arrest to court offers a full service and advocacy, there appears to be nothing offered to assist those facing incarceration for the first time.
A custodial sentence wreaks devastation, so anything that can be done to navigate the pitfalls and basics needed to survive such a prospect is very welcome.
As lawyers we offer advocacy from start to finish of the court process, but we have to little to say about what happens on the first day of prison and the days, weeks and months that follow.
This service is unique in that it will provide advice that is ‘gold-dust’ from the perspective of a first-timer.
I would highly recommended a service delivered by those with an experience of imprisonment, such as, of course they will never be able to compensate for the loss of ones freedom but being prepared is as much needed as the advocacy of a lawyer.
I welcome the opportunity which allows me answer the questions my clients have of what happens next, when he or she takes that lonely walk to a prison cell for the very first time.

John O’Donnell

Managing Director - Tax & Forensic Services Limited

“As someone who specialises in tax fraud, I deal with individuals who would not ordinarily see themselves as criminals, and who, for one reason or another, find themselves facing the prospect of imprisonment. I am regularly asked what prison is like, what happens, and I can see the anxiety caused by the unknown adds to an already stressful situation for the client and their family.
I have referred several individuals to First Time Inside and have only ever received positive feedback. The individuals referred acknowledged the experienced insight and guidance provided by First Time Inside, delivered in an appropriate and measured way. No judgement, simple advice on what to expect, from leaving the Court, to leaving prison. A must for those who have never been imprisoned.”

Solicitor Client

“I was referred by my solicitor to First Time Inside. I was facing fraud charges, and I knew there was a strong possibility that I would be sent to prison. I have never been in trouble before, so my only knowledge of prison life is from what I had seen on television. First Time Inside explained to me what would happen from leaving the Court to doing my sentence. I was surprised at some of the things mentioned, basic matters that I take for granted outside. My trial is approaching, and whilst I hope I can avoid prison, many of my questions have been answered, so if the worst happens, I feel I am more prepared.”

Robert McHarg

Chief Executive – Achieve More Scotland

Achieve More Scotland is a Registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) SC041463

At Achieve More Scotland we engage with many young people who are experiencing for the first time the reality of prison life. This service, enabling the offender to liaise with an ex-offender to gain an insight into the reality of those early stages and how to make the most of the situation, as well as gaining advice from experienced solicitors on legal aspects of the prison system, is filling a significant ap. This will undoubtedly assist those experiencing prison for the first time to prepare adequately. It will also have a significant benefit in making those first timers more mentally strong for the challenges ahead.
The service will have benefits for the offender’s family and supporters in offering guidance and advice on how they best support their loved one to cope with the challenges that they face. I welcome this service as a valuable addition for those experiencing the reality of prison for the first time.

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