For Private Individuals

Can I contact you direct without going through a solicitor?

Absolutely, we welcome direct enquiries as well as those from legal representatives.

Do I need to inform my solicitor of my intention to meet with you?

No, it’s a private meeting which does not offer legal advice, but we would recommend you mention it to them purely as a courtesy.

Do you share my information or details of our conversation with any third party?

Confidentiality is a key element of our meetings and nothing discussed will be shared at all.

Do you offer advice on legal matters such as charges being faced or likely sentencing?

We do not offer any legal advice and leave all matters in that realm to your solicitor or legal representative.

What can I expect at our meeting?

Our service focusses on reducing the trauma of being sentenced to prison for the first time. With that in mind we arrange to meet in a friendly venue with a view to having a relaxed, entirely non- judgemental, chat about your perception of prison, the reality of prison and what our experience can offer to ease your concerns.

Can I bring someone with me to our meeting?

Yes you can but we would prefer to have a one to one meeting with you where we can both be 100% open about lies ahead.

Can you meet with my family as well?

Yes we can arrange to meet with your immediate family and those who you will maintain regular contact with should it transpire that you go to prison.

Do you discuss my case with them?

Definitely not, our focus would be to offer advice to them on their own contact with prison through visits etc and also suggest positive ways to support you when you are in prison.

For Solicitors and Legal Representatives

Can we refer clients to you as part of our service to them?

Yes of course, we are happy to engage direct with a firm or individual solicitor on that basis.

Do you offer any legal advice to our clients?

Absolutely not our sole focus is centred on the transition from everyday life to prison life.

Do you discuss details of our clients case?

We do not, a client may in conversation mention their alleged crime but the details are not relevant to us in relation to the conversations we would be having with them. We want to maximise our time with them giving them a little perspective on prison life and easing some fears they may have.

Do you have structural ties to a specific legal firm?

No, we are a stand alone business. Any testimonials or recommendations are simply that borne out of positive working relationships and do not reflect a deeper relationship.

Can we arrange meetings on our premises for clients?

Yes, provided the environment is suitable and conducive to a relaxed and private meeting.

Can we arrange meetings for our own solicitors and or seminars on our own premises?

Yes, provided we can manage the meeting space for the duration of our time with you and the environment meets with our requirements for presentation and/or discussion purposes.

What can we expect of you at any meeting held on our premises?

You are guaranteed that the person attending as representative of First Time Inside will be well presented, articulate and capable of delivering the message that is our core focus i.e. making your clients transition to prison a little less traumatic.

Can we record meetings for future training or information purposes?

We do not permit recording of any meetingsor seminars and mobile phones or tablets etc are not permitted during those times.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of FAQ’s and no doubt will develop over time. We are more than happy to discuss all enquiries through regular communication channels.

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