A Paper Bag in a Rainstorm

“When I was sentenced to go to prison I had no idea what lay in front of me other than I knew in my heart I was going to hate it. I asked my solicitors if they had any advice or guidance leading up to my appearing in court and they simply said “keep your

Second Class Citizen

  Another excerpt from the diary of a first time offender who reflects on his feelings about coming into contact with the justice system for the first time. “After appearing at the Sheriff Court and pleading guilty to the charges against me I was sent away to return for sentencing around a month or so

Seminar and Workshops

Seminar Preparations Taking Shape. FirstTimeInside.co.uk are delighted to confirm we are in the process of building a seminar aimed at delivering a dynamic service related message to those solicitors tasked with representing clients in criminal courts across Scotland. We will be in a position to confirm a date and an appropriate venue, for this initial

No Toilet Seat to Rest My Cheeks

This week has seen @FirstTimeInside reach out for the first time to the legal community to highlight primarily the existence of our new services aimed at assisting those offenders facing the possibility of prison for the first time. We are delighted by not only the level of engagement we have encountered but by the quality

Do you know why you are here?

Another edited excerpt from the diary of a first-time offender confronted with prison, written approx. 24 hours after being sentenced. You’ll see in future extracts that the author jumps back and forward in time dealing with different subjects but you’ll also hopefully get a feel for the mindset at any given time. I’ve just been

Early days in Prison

Adjusting to prison life for the first time is quite an ordeal for anyone and as you can see from this brief extract from a fairly in-depth Q&A with an ex-offender below there are some dark moments along the way. What was the most difficult thing to deal with on your first few days in

Delivering a Stiffy

What is a Stiffy? Well, when you receive a “Stiffy” from your lawyer it usually costs you money. That said the message does normally arrive by post, on expensive letterhead and with legal prose included all of which help determine the value to some extent. The prison version of a “Stiffy” is usually transported from

Diary of a First Time Offender

Going to prison for the first time is overwhelming , through the process of losing control of your life to the language used in the environment all of it can be stressful not to mention downright intimidating. Below is an excerpt, taken (with permission) from a diarised account, of a first time offenders own experience


Within our Blog area we will share news items we feel are relevant to those who may be facing prison for the first time and share personal experiences or thoughts from those who have been through the system as a first-time offender. Prison unwittingly inspires people to explore themselves and to pass time in ways
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