Too Lazy (Part 3) – Don’t Ignore the Red Flag

We are letting people down every day of every week and really there is no excuse for it. A little pre-Easter flashback to previous posts combined with a little opinion sharing. “My story, in terms of this element of First Time Inside, began when listening to a Sheriff tell me (without looking at me) that

Too lazy part 2 / The sales pitch

It’s funny how events conspire to produce an outcome which on first sight seems totally unexpected or at the very least not previously considered consciously. If I asked you, do know or have you heard of – Super Yes – what would be your reply? Not many have identified Super Yes – as a thing

Isolation is a lottery win

There are days in Prison when circumstances command a change in routine. Today, in the short excerpt from a prisoners diary, we see the surprising relief , even pleasure, taken in being locked up alone when those days occur. “There was staff training today and we were all confined to our cells alone for the

Happy Days in HMP Hotel & Spa

This is going to be a challenge but as it is the end of a positive week for First Time Inside I thought I’d share some of the more positive elements of an experience inside one of Her Majesty’s quaint little guest houses, perhaps in a slightly irreverent manner. Anyway here goes nothing. Friday has

Too lazy to change?

Or do we just not care? My story, in terms of this element of First Time Inside, began when listening to a Sheriff tell me (without looking at me) that I would be returning to court a month later for sentencing. She also added, although she directed it towards my solicitor, that he should be

The Erosion of Self-Respect

We accept that the prose may not be perfect but when writing stirs such a torrent of emotion in the author we respect their right to miss a punctuation mark or two here and there, we also admire the strength of character it takes to share any personal experience in this way. You’ll understand the

Hypervigiliance and Fine Balance

Vigilance – the action or state of keeping careful, watch for possible danger or difficulties. Hyper Vigilance – is an enhanced state of sensory sensitivity accompanied by an exaggerated intensity of behaviours whose purpose is to detect activity. Hypervigilance may bring about a state of increased anxiety which can cause exhaustion. “Hypervigilance is a state of

One to One

We have taken this opportunity to offer a fresh insight into some of the topics discussed during our initial One to One chats with clients facing the possibility of prison for the first time. Our aim is to try and remove elements of surprise or simple sources of stress at will be a highly stressful

Chaos or Tranquility?

We have included another extract from a First Time Prisoners diary today and we feel the content speaks for itself really. Prison can be a lonely, intimidating place with strength of will being your only friend. This extract was written approximately three months after being sent to prison for the first time. Operating on the

Sharing is Caring

Over the course of the past few weeks we have been taken by the amount of people with their own stories to tell about their experiences of being in contact with the prison system both from an incarceration perspective and also from a professional viewpoint. Through social media and in meetings we have also became

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