Twas the night before Xmas

We have chosen to use this specific diary excerpt today, not because it is the final entry written within the prison walls but because it reflects, to a certain extent, where First Time Inside is now on the journey to making a positive contribution within the justice network. The concept has been widely and positively

A Day in the life of Ivan Depressovich

Todays diary excerpt shows the rollercoaster of emotions someone can experience in a single day in prison or as the author would tell us rather cheekily HMP Happy Days. The author also suggested todays headline just in case anyone felt it a little naughty. This is our second blog post this week and we have

It all started with A Wee Idea

Over the past two and a half  months or so First Time Inside has engaged with, what we rightly or wrongly refer to as the justice network in Scotland, at a variety of levels. The primary goal, if I am bluntly honest, was to ascertain whether or not there exists an opportunity for this project

Mind in a Spin

When First Time Inside was formed in my head it had fairly modest goals. The idea was to utilise the experience of myself and others to make the horror of going to prison a little less traumatic for others where possible through talking to them and sharing lived experience. In addition I thought it would

Unlike Bob, I love Mondays.

At times I question the sanity of what I am doing developing the project that is First Time Inside. I mean why would anyone in their right mind choose to relive or discuss the most abhorrent experience of their lives every day, wouldn’t it be better for them from a health perspective to simply move

Are visitors really inmates too?

The positive response to our Blog has been really encouraging and we are currently considering a number of ways to add to it’s impact and style of delivery. If the messages within the blog offer insight to anyone in the justice network provoking a positive reaction then we will have achieved a little part of

Let Emotion Fuel Your Actions.

Over the coming weeks we will develop our concept of Prehabilitation in conversation with those we feel may be in a position to support our vision. It’s reading short diary excerpts like the one below which fuel our desire to see changes take place. Many of those changes need to be in attitude initially but

Prehabilitation (amended)

Let’s start talking about Prehabilitation! At First Time Inside we have a vision based on our own concept of Prehabilitation. If you are on Twitter you will over time come across conversation and updates by utilising the hashtag. #ftiprehab The medical profession have long since identified the health benefits of prehabilitation for patients facing surgeries,

Nobody should be sent to prison on a Friday.

Today we have included an excerpt from a first time prisoners diary, below, which reflects on their early days in prison and the emotions surrounding them. As we engage on a greater level with legal representatives and third party partners we are becoming more determined than we were, even at the outset, to change things

Too lazy? (Part 4 – The End).

Is it laziness or have we just given up? Or is just that we need a right good shake? On todays blog we have reverted to including an excerpt from a first time prisoners diary which highlights a little of the mental battle presented to anyone who enters prison and also the effect that exposure

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