Twas the night before Xmas

As we embark on the development of Prison Pack whilst also discussing Prehabilitation and we take great pride in the levels of support and encouragement we have received it seemed appropriate to share this particular diary excerpt for this weeks reading pleasure. It also seemed, given the doubts and concerns, displayed below to offer a

Life is a rollercoaster

When I started this First Time Inside journey I never for one second imagined the rollercoaster of inspiration and challenge it would present. When I reflect on the journey to date I feel privileged that I have been able to meet with so many wonderful people in such a short space of time and irrespective

She’s a Belter

In a week where we have started a small discussion around our complimentary concept of Prison Pack the diary excerpt below seemed an appropriate accompaniment to our positive week. With various law firms making a range of encouraging noises in regard to the future development of Prison Pack, not to mention the wonderful support received

Must do better!

For those that do not already know, First Time Inside was born out of one persons experience of the Scottish Justice system. In today’s blog diary excerpt a first time offender, whilst resident in a Scottish prison, reflects on elements of a prison experience that could be categorised as both intimidating and bullying in nature.

Meeting CJSW

Today’s blog is almost entirely taken up with a diary excerpt which focusses on one persons reflection on their own personal experience of meeting with a Criminal Justice Social Worker. It’s clear that the event was a stressful experience in the persons life and the tale is told to his diary from the discomfort of

Treehouses and Prehabilitation

A valued friend of mine recently commented that the idea or concept of Prehabilitation within the justice system could get lost – before even getting started –  in the bigger political drive for Rehabilitation and Reintegration, further suggesting that post-release support seems to be gathering the most support these days. In what I considered, at the

Moving forward

First Time Inside has always been viewed as or even dreamed of, by ourselves, as simply the first step on a road that would lead to a discussion not only on the compassion gap that exists in the Scottish Justice system but also about the creation of a prehabilitative pathway in Scottish Justice. These past

Summer Break Update

As I approach a summer break, two weeks away from Blogging, meetings and new connections, I can reflect on the development of First Time Inside (FTI) to date and the small challenges met along the way these past few months. It is also an opportunity to add a little personal flavour to the blog as

Isolation & Prehabilitation

Todays diary excerpt looks at Isolation and the mental challenge it presented to one first time prisoner and we have added a couple of updates on our wider activity. As mentioned last week we have taken the decision to seek advertising/sponsor support to help develop the project of First Time Inside and the additions of

A review with a bit of Abba

As we start another week here on Planet FTI we take a moment to pause and reflect on the previous seven days which represented a very positive week for us, particularly in our quest for sector awareness. We also reflect, in our diary excerpt below, on a first time prisoners experience of spending his first

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