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First Time Inside are committed to introducing and  contributing to a culture of Prehabilitation within the Justice System. Developing a Prehabilitative Pathway creates opportunities to influence outcomes as opposed to simply reacting to those already in place.

In that spirit, at First Time Inside we aim to offer a unique service designed to support First Time offenders who are facing the prospect of going to prison for the first time.

We are taking our own negative experience and turning it into a source of assistance for others.

We are not offering legal advice but rather, in addition to those legal options already available elsewhere, we are offering a range of paid services designed to make that first day, that first week and generally the new experience a little less traumatic.

For example, by affording people the opportunity to sit down with an ex-offender who has experienced exactly what they are about to go through and what prison is really like we hope to help make the transition from everyday life to prison life more manageable.

Prehabilitation is about creating a set of conditions whereby the system has options to consider other than imprisonment. As with everything that would happen in a pathway of Prehabilitation we would hope that in offering insight as part of this First Time Inside service we would in actual fact be contributing to the possibility that it is not only the First Time Inside but may offer influence to making it the Last Time Inside.

In addition, by creating opportunities for solicitors to sit down with the same ex-offenders either on a one to one or in seminar style meetings we hope to create a wider support network for first time offenders and more insightful discussion on what they must prepare for.

Working with legal firms to ensure that first time offenders have access to these services is one aim of First Time Inside and we hope that along the way we help people not only with the difficult transition but with their vision of the future which needn’t be totally negative.

First Time is a new website supporting an innovative idea in a difficult arena, developed by those with experience of the system. We anticipate the services on offer will evolve along the way and we will update our website in line with those as we progress.

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