We have taken this opportunity to offer a fresh insight into some of the topics discussed during our initial One to One chats with clients facing the possibility of prison for the first time.

Our aim is to try and remove elements of surprise or simple sources of stress at will be a highly stressful time as well as offering insights into the environment they can expect to encounter.

• An introduction to First Time Inside
• Taking a bag to Court
• Transfer from Court to Prison
• Arrival at Prison / The checking in process
• Moving to Wing
• Prison Cell
• First Contact with inmates

Explanation of practicalities including but not limited to ;

• Using the Phone
• Arranging Visits
• Ordering Meals
• Ordering Canteen
• Using ATM Machines
• How to arrange for Personal Items
• Role of Personal Officer
• Prison Jargon

This service is simply about making the experience of going to prison for the first time a little less traumatic not only for the individual but also their families and in doing that hopefully providing a positive platform for them to deal with the challenge that lies ahead.

For more information or to arrange a meeting contact [email protected]

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