Over the course of the past few weeks we have been taken by the amount of people with their own stories to tell about their experiences of being in contact with the prison system both from an incarceration perspective and also from a professional viewpoint.

Through social media and in meetings we have also became aware of the various organisations who are keen to make a difference in the justice system and their desire to talk about what improvements they feel could help the prison/justice system moving forward in Scotland. Watching from a distance, it was inspiring to see, the positive effect of two judges visiting the country from the USA discussing amongst other things treating people with dignity and respect. That’s a topic we may take a run at ourselves further in the coming weeks and something we touched on recently in our Second Class Citizen item  https://firsttimeinside.co.uk/2019/03/11/second-class-citizen/ .

Whilst ours is a small website platform, with a narrow focus, it is growing week on week and we have taken the decision to invite and welcome occasional voluntary contributions from those who feel they have a story to tell about the prison/justice system. This is not about gaining a series of advertorials for our own service but rather expanding the positive message we can deliver which hopefully moving forward can benefit those yet to come into contact with the system.

It may be that it is a personal story about being in prison or it could be your experience as a family member affected by a loved one losing their liberty or you could be a professional/project leader who simply has a vision or comment to make on how we can improve the lot of people coming into contact with the system paying some attention to the aspect of first time incarceration. We will also offer the opportunity, where requested, to afford the guest contributor the cloak of anonymity if requested.

As this is a new idea it will no doubt evolve and there will be questions arise along the way in terms of acceptable subject matter or even censorship of content but we feel its perhaps a worthwhile endeavour. As with everything else we do we would hope that somewhere along the way it helps make the transition from everyday life to prison life a little less traumatic.

If you’d like to make a contribution or discuss the content of a proposed submission simply drop us a line at [email protected] and we will contact you promptly to have a chat.

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