“When I was sentenced to go to prison I had no idea what lay in front of me other than I knew in my heart I was going to hate it. I asked my solicitors if they had any advice or guidance leading up to my appearing in court and they simply said “keep your head down and your nose clean”…heartfelt I’ve no doubt but as useless as a paper bag in a rain storm in reality”. 

Our One to One consultations with clients focus on a number of, what we believe from experience, are important issues for anyone going to prison for the first time. They focus on creating an awareness of what the process is, from their perspective, from court to prison cell and what they’ll encounter in those early hours and days inside. In addition we look at familiarising them with aspects of prison life paying particular attention to practical issues which will arise in the first few days.

For those unfortunate enough to find themselves facing a prison sentence for the first time we offer the opportunity to sit down with someone who has experienced the very same thing. It’s important to know that the feelings of fear, confusion and helplessness you are experiencing are entirely normal.

It’s our experience that people working within the system, from social workers to prison staff, are more used to dealing with repeat offenders and the management of emotion or fear of the unknown is not receiving the level of focus it could be.

Bearing that in mind we set out to cover topics as diverse as Prison Jargon and Building a Community. Our aim at all times is to make the transition to prison life a little less traumatic than it will be. In part we do this by utilising our experience to demystify the experience a little and answering questions that will undoutedly be swirling in the mind prior to being sentenced. 

When you apply for a job or attend a meeting you research your subject in advance. You try to prepare in order that you are not taken by surprise by the interviewer or fellow attendees and make the most of the circumstances as they present themselves. In the same way that solicitors prepare for court. Why wouldn’t you prepare yourself (or a client) as far as is possible for going to prison? 

“Don’t walk into the storm with a paper bag”.

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