This week has seen @FirstTimeInside reach out for the first time to the legal community to highlight primarily the existence of our new services aimed at assisting those offenders facing the possibility of prison for the first time.

We are delighted by not only the level of engagement we have encountered but by the quality of communication we have received in reply to our early tweeting activity.

In reality we anticipate growing our business in a more traditional method i.e. getting out and meeting those people we believe our services can offer most benefit to but in the spirit of embracing social media options we will of course look to develop an online personality to complement our marketing activity.

At First Time Inside we are passionate about delivering our message and our service. The engagement we have received to date has encouraged us greatly and serves only to heighten our desire to deliver on our aims of making that first experience a little less traumatic coupled to adding value to legally provided services perhaps even delivering a competitive edge.

We have the necessary qualities in-house to communicate effectively at all levels and we look forward to developing both existing and new engagement in the coming weeks.

Please feel free to follow us on Twitter @firsttimeinside and also we would be delighted if you could share our Twitter presence with colleagues, clients and relevant parties at your leisure.
In the spirit of ending the week on a lighter note we have included below a couple of verses from a poem written last year by a first-time prisoner;

No Toilet Seat To Rest My Cheeks
No Pausing The Telly When Taking a Leak
Friday Night Movie Deprived of a Beer
Only a Fertile Imagination to Bring Real Cheer

Scotland the Birthplace of Invention
Serving Dinners Breaching the Geneva Convention
Mashed Totties With Munro Sized Lumps
Should be in a Blender Along with the Trumps

Copyrite @firsttimeinside 2019

As always thank you for taking the time to visit our website and please do not hesitate to engage with us via our Contact Form. Arranging a meeting is simple.

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