Within our Blog area we will share news items we feel are relevant to those who may be facing prison for the first time and share personal experiences or thoughts from those who have been through the system as a first-time offender.

Prison unwittingly inspires people to explore themselves and to pass time in ways they don’t normally associate with themselves in normal everyday life. The poem below was written by a first- time offender a month after entering prison and was the first poem they had written since leaving school some years previous.

Concrete floors and steel white doors
A wing afloat on a wave of scores
Blind eyes turned to stupor ablaze
Strategic philosophy of surviving the days

Conversation is rare but speech is loud
Layers of humiliation dismantle the proud
Forlorn quest for normality dulls the senses
Security vetting required to paint fences

Shards of life extinguished by grief
Dreams Fragile as cheery blossom leaf
Daily doses of patronisation
Replacing the illusion of rehabilitation

@copyrite first time inside

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